What’s Your Groove Writing Playlist Link-up


Are you slow and steady or hardcore techno when you’re in the word zone? This special edition writing playlist link-up goes live Sept. 20 at 6 A.M. CST.

The idea for the link-up came from the fabulous Five Minute Friday community.

Creating a Playlist

I recommend using Spotify to compose your playlist like I’ll be doing. Listeners will need to create a Spotify account, which takes all of thirty seconds.

Bottom line: choose something you can link to.

How to Link Up

Visit this page on Tuesday, Sept. 20 and simply enter your playlist URL or blog post containing the URL into the InLinkz tool. It will appear at the bottom of the page. Super easy! The link-up will remain open through Sept. 30.

If you’re writing a blog post to accompany your playlist, share the story behind a few of your favorite songs. Your groove says a lot about you.

To get the ball rolling, here’s my #GrooveToWrite playlist. It’s a combo of indie, pop, and rock with a steady, driving beat and angsty, acoustic overtones. I like my groove hoppin’ with great lyrics just in case I need a spontaneous dance break. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to invite all your musically-minded writing peeps!

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