Only Trust the Weak Superhero

I loved Clark Kent best

When he was at the end of the proverbial rope,

When a mishap encounter with kryptonite

Left him huddled sick,

Nearly dying in his high-rise apartment.

Lois Lane found him in the dark:

Powerless, undone, weak.

He was no more the world’s Savior.

He could no longer sling spaceships

Across the universe

Or defeat Lex Luther with a single Ka-POW!

Superman’s weakness made me love him.

It was what I longed for:

My own father to reveal what he couldn’t fix,

Figure out, or puzzle his way through.

My own mother to speak about the times

She just couldn’t stop crying.

I am their daughter and I too fight with my cape

(and fluttering skirt ‘cuz I’m supergirl).

I am sure I will save my little world.

I loved Superman in his dark despair,

More than any other superhero I can remember.

He was the Christ-figure weeping in the garden for humanity’s loss.

This is where we learn to love:


Superhero in crisis,

My father’s voice cracking,

Mom asking on I-35, “Why do you think we both struggle with depression?”

Vulnerable cracks open wide the hard-hearted child.Tweet This

It’s a good practice to unclip

My cape and lift up the back of my shirt so you can see

My weakness under skin, my pain,

My kryptonite.

Five Minute Friday Retreat

I wrote this post along with the amazing Five Minute Friday crew. Our one-word challenge was WEAK.

Guess what? We’re having a retreat!

Spread the word: Yes, the 2017 Five Minute Friday Retreat is happening!Tweet This

The retreat is July 21-23, 2017, in Kansas City, MO, which happens to be my hometown. Come on over, writing peeps!

More details here.

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February 18, 2017