Turn Your Art Inside Out: Make to Share

by Christina Hubbard. An artist naturally makes art for herself. She does her craft because it’s what she loves. But our art is not for ourselves. It is meant to be shared.

For Whom Do You Create?

This past weekend I encouraged a group of creatives to write down who they were created to be. My instructions were to finish a prompt like this:

  • I make…
  • I lead…
  • I help…
  • I recreate…
  • I change…

Then I said, “Don’t write down who you are.” (Roles, jobs, etc.) I wanted them to think about the gift they bring to the proverbial creative table. “Don’t overthink it. Write down the first thing that comes to mind.”

The exercise proved challenging for several reasons: 1. I didn’t explain it that well AND 2. we should have started with another person, not ourselves.

When we create, it’s often just us and our raw materials in a room shut out from the world. What if we started our art with another person in mind?

We are called to believe and serve beyond ourselves. Scott Cormode says it well,

“…But we do not exist for ourselves and neither can we work for ourselves. Instead, every Christian’s calling begins with listening to the longings and losses of the people entrusted to our care.

God calls us neither to a task nor to a job, and not even to exercise a gift. God calls us to a people. The entire point of doing the task or exercising the gift is to benefit others. For example, we create because God creates. Artists and entrepreneurs alike celebrate this point. But why did God create? God creates for the sake of his people.10 Artists who create just for the sake of creating miss the point. Art should be shared.”

Your Art Heals Someone

Think of the individual who needs the beauty you bring. Who is she? What does she look like? What are her struggles and stories? What is her deepest desire? How can you help?

When I consider these questions, I construct a bridge between my heart and another’s. My art extends beyond the bounds of my body. Tweet This

Pair what you do with whom you serve. Pay attention to the “longings and losses” of your people. Turn the “I” into “we.” Make to share.

Share a sentence about the person you serve in the comments below.

This post is inspired by Five Minute Friday. Our one word prompt was TURN. I always try to write it in five minutes or less, but I went over again. C’est la vie!

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April 20, 2018