The Saving of Stars :: Come, Lord Jesus, Week 2 (Interview + Giveaway)


Poem by Christina Hubbard

There’s the good kind of wait: proposals, babies, and Christmas.

Then there’s the bad:

Diagnoses, adoption delays, and jail sentences.

Our bodies were not meant to bear such weight.

Hopes, once stars in an ephemeral sky,


We stop before we dive off mind cliffs

Into black sea currents.

(Despair, be not so easy.)


What if delay was salvation?

A magnetic mooring, a lighthouse guiding

Wayward soul ships to a strange continent

Called heaven

Where second comings really do happen.

Restoration, no longer a linear journey by camel or car,

But sin confessed, disciples awakened

Under bright Polaris pointing to a baby’s cry:


Then beyond.


Thirty-three years later: a cross,

Two thousand beyond: Now.

You and me,

Wondering if all this is a dream.

The meaning of life

Is found in singing praise when we’re sinking to the bottom

Of long nights never supposed to happen,

Suffering we didn’t plan.


Rise from your aching, arthritic knees bent in supplication.

Lift up your head, weary sea-worn soul.

He comes for the desperate.


He is lifting our shipwrecked hearts up to live among goodly stars.

See how you twinkle o’er a broken world

Guiding sailors as they hang on for dear life.

Once storms can no longer wrinkle the sea.

Our hope and gleam

Takes all that sin once stirred up, and stills,

With a whisper of wait and wonder.

See how they lean over starboard side,

Cup their hands

And drink of pure light.

by Mary Brack


Father God, lifter of my head, thank you for continuing to reach down and raise my eyes to You. Tilt my chin from my self, my sorrow, and my social feed. May I see Your stars, like a twinkle in Your eye, a wink of love from Your glorious throne. May I lift my face to take in the expanse of Your love arms wide on the cross. by Michelle Nezat

Share Your Heart

Have you ever considered your waiting as a testimonial hope to guide others toward Christ’s true freedom? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Interview with Kris Camealy

Recently I sat down with Kris Camealy, author of Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting. We chatted about:
  • Getting up at the crack of dawn and writing about Advent during July
  • Where she finds wonder
  • How waiting is not passive, but an active, growing time
  • Her favorite readings from the book and the best gift she ever received


This giveaway has ended. When you comment, you’ll be entered to win a physical copy of the book: Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting. Maybe you’ve got the Kindle version and a real copy would be a nice companion? Or you’d like to gift it to a friend. Giveaway ends Saturday, Dec. 10 at 11 p.m. CST.


Week 1: Waiting Awake by Emily Conrad




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December 3, 2016