The Creche, the Garden and the Hen :: Come, Lord Jesus Book Club: Week 3

by Elizabeth W. Marshall

It is Advent. And I wait
Kaleidoscope eyes shift my view
And I light upon the wonder

Linear things wrestle with me
I wrestle with them
This year the creche marches in a straight line

Down the mantel
Wonder and mystery walk down the worn wood
Yesterday I was the Wise Man

Today I am the Donkey
At five and six and seven
My hand held the cast of holy characters

Creeping toward sixty
I still play with wonder
Move the angel closer in

And move the traveling Wisemen
Further out, then in
Again. I am alone. No one watches me.

Made in Italy, saved from the shelf
Of Salvation Army (who discards the Nativity into the arms of charity?)
My treasure, my reminder, my hands must touch the concrete

Mercy calls out from that angel
Cloaked in Carolina blue
I go to the garden

The miracle continues
Lettuce springs forth and we are fed
December gardens grow leafy metaphors

And just when I thought the hen had died
I wake to find her
Returning from the hedgerow

My hope rested on the edge of a craggy cliff
She wailed and wept
And I doubted, because I saw her flee in fear

Miracles in December compound
I want to go to the mantel
Revisit the story of new birth

Death was dodged, the hen was saved
The family dog had found restraint
I sang a song of rejoicing

by Mary Brack

When to my wandering kaleidoscope eyes
Appeared a Christmas miracle
I called it that

I’ve considered taking my creche to the garden
Placing it beside the leafy salad greens
Beside the chicken coop

The miracles and mystery can rest together in the cold December air
And I will visit my reminders
Of holy signs and wonders

I sing a song of rejoicing
Today I am the Shepherd
And the sheep

Lost and found
Amazed by December grace
A grace that will remain

In January, June, July
Evident in the smallest miracle
Love so great, love so grand

Today I am the Expectant One

Elizabeth Wynne Marshall is a writer, poet, blogger. A lover of grace & the sea she spends her days living and writing out the beautiful ordinary in a life lived by the sea. Her words may be found at her writing home, elizabeth w. marshall, poetry & prose through a lens of grace. Find her on Twitter and Instagram


Father, we long to be expectant, we really do. Sometimes we are afraid of what you might us to give up: control, bad habits, and the like. Save us from despair. Repair us with wonder. Enable us to fix our eyes on you, Great Restorer, so we may sing miracles and wonders to the world. We remember and rejoice!

Share Your Heart

In this week’s readings, Kris invites us to experience Advent through Mary’s eyes. But perhaps you picture yourself in the nativity as a shepherd, wiseman, or sheep as Elizabeth does in the poem. Some of us travel far to experience Christ, many of us with heavy burdens. Others of us are surprised in the middle of the night by His coming. Who are you at the manger, Expectant One, and what is your song of rejoicing?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Advent Book Club

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December 11, 2016