Steady Is As She is Known

Steady is as she is known,

As fireflys lighting hedgerows,

Candle-creatures flickering the only knowledge they own,

As bats gathering the night to save the world from bugs and bites,

A greater purpose I cannot know.


My mind flashes to my smallness riding on dinosaur Daddy shoulders,

His strong forearms and legs swaying with steadfast strength

Though the earth rumbles

And cries behind closed doors.

Then it is me, near tears, standing over

My infant’s son’s carrier.

How can such tiny eyes stream such steady light,

Telling me he will be with me when I pass into next life?


Go on and ask God, “What is to come?” and, “How will I know?”

“Steady as she goes,” is not how a one of us lives,


Steady is as she is seen and heard.


We are creatures crying out in the dark for food, flying in circles,

Coming home only when our bellies are full.

This poem is part of Five Minute Friday. Join the 5 minute weekly writing challenge this week as we write on the word STEADY. More info here.

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June 23, 2017