Where God Meets Every Need: Starting Over {by Dara Pierre-Louis}


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The word “start” means moving, sometimes despite what we want. God uses starting over to meet our greatest needs. My guest writer today lives her life with a fire forged in her Savior. Dara Pierre-Louis is a fierce mother, wife, actress, writer, and self-employed accountant. I asked her to share her story of mothering a son with epilepsy because she knows hard things. Still, she sees God’s faithfulness, meeting her right in the places that feel like failure, there in the starting over.

My life proves that with a little seed of faith God will provide you with everything you NEED (not necessarily what you want, but definitely what you need). My five-year old son has severe epilepsy. During his worst periods he can have 50-100 seizures a day (probably more). At some point, I have to stop counting.

…tell God, “I don’t know why you have me here, but I know You are with me.”

When this sort of chronic condition comes into your life, you take the regular difficulties of parenting and multiply it by ten (or more).  This type of debilitating illness very quickly turns your stay at home parent gig into a stay at home PARENTS gig.  What happens to your income if both parents are home, giving meds, running back and forth to doctors, specialists, therapists, pharmacists, and battling insurance?

You can surrender, wave the white flag, give up, and live a life of “woe is me.” On the other hand, you can look up and tell God, “I don’t know why you have me here, but I know You are with me. If I just keep moving, something great (or at least better) might happen.

You don’t know how quickly you can go from double income and no kids to NO income and DOUBLE kids until you’re sitting right there in it.

It’s hard to keep a job if you have a special needs child but it’s even harder to FIND a job, especially if repetitive hospital visits keep you from even making an interview. I’ve taken countless job interview appointment calls over the buzz and hum of a bustling ER. Other days I did my hair and makeup and got dressed for an interview in my son’s hospital room while I PRAYED he would be discharged in time for me to make the interview. (He wasn’t).


I finally got a big money Beverly Hills Tax Office job. However, I had to turn it down for a smaller local tax firm a few days after I started, so I could be available for my son.

I’ll never forget walking up the stairs, feeling like I had done what God wanted me to do by quitting the big money job so I could be closer to home. Minutes after disappointing the Beverly Hills firm with my resignation, my phone rang: the smaller firm had just changed their mind.

I collapsed into tears. I had lost two jobs in one day: how much worse could it get? How much harder did I have to try? What was I doing wrong? What was next? Where to start?

Then a former boss passed my name on to someone who was looking for an accountant for about twenty hours a week. It wasn’t much, but I was desperate for income. Quickly I realized a 40-hours-a-week office job was no longer possible. My son continued to get worse instead of better.



With that one client I started to work from home. I could work whatever hours I needed. Sometimes it was the middle of the night while I was on seizure watch, early in the A.M. when the nighttime seizures had finally lulled, or right before the morning seizures were going to take hold. Naptime. Playtime. Most importantly, I could immediately stop working when my son was seizing and needed my attention.


My husband, who had stopped working as well, started to increase his responsibilities at home. This freed me up to make more money and take on more clients. By April, I felt like a Beverly Hills hairdresser: clients were begging me for openings! I didn’t set out to start my own business: it just sort of happened.

Work sprung up around me and provided my family EVERYTHING we needed: money to pay our bills and FREEDOM to accommodate our failing son.  

It’s October. I have been in business for 8 months, have increased my billing rates, and have acquired more clients. Most importantly, I make my own schedule and attend all the important appointments. I get to participate in all of the fun as well. God has provided all we need and I’ve even gotten some of what I WANT.

I moved to Los Angeles to become an actor, but it’s an expensive field into which to break. I found myself acquiring other skills (like accounting) to supplement my income while pursuing my dream.  In 2015, starting my own accounting business gave me the freedom to jump start my acting career. This year I’ve booked three commercials and made more money than ever before. This income was definitely something we NEEDED, all because I wasn’t afraid to start something new.

I look back on these last ten months of 2015, and my jaw drops at what I have accomplished.  Not in a whoa-look-at-me, aren’t-I-supermom way, but in a wow kind of way. In spite of so much adversity, my little family continues to grow in more ways than I can describe.

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October 13, 2015