Snow Echoes

The Power of a Poem

This poem reverberates of winters gone-by, snow echoes of a fearless girl. Today she is an ever-changing beauty who teaches me much about seizing life and making forts out of every snowfall.

A friend read this many years ago and because of it, chose to take her young daughter sledding instead of doing housework. That was a high compliment indeed. Poetry can change the way we live our days.

Snow Echoes

Snow Day.

You, darling, bound out,

Tigger-like into a white world.

Silver giggles float down street

To home-shovelled mountains.

Squealing sledders, and you, their fearless cherry-clad leader,

Indulge in bottomless appetites for fun,

Racing rides.

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Door opens, and your fur-framed face drips with ice;

Adventure eyes, brown and eager,

Seeking me? or just hot chocolate.

Come home, baby bunny.

You leap out of doors again,

And I steal your snow echoes like kisses.

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Poetry and playing in the snow are two of my favorite things, life-giving activities that keep me alive and fresh in the winter. Who doesn’t need that in the colder months? The more moments I make with joy, the more I fall in love with life. Tweet This

With fun and reflection, there comes a bit of slowing down, which is natural for me this time of year. You might have noticed I’m posting less frequently. I’m taking some time to plan and dream about the quality of my life and my words, so I’m setting a more deliberate pace. More dreaming, savoring, and a bit of silliness.

Speaking of play, check out the Play Project my new friend Ann Kroeker is hosting on her blog. It’s for writers and all types of creatives to help you boost your productivity and enjoyment in your craft.

What makes you happy in the winter? What memories come to mind when you think of snow days?

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January 12, 2016