The Day Slow Won

Those were the days when we sat on the floor and spelled with letter tiles. Ten minutes a day, I read, and they spelled. Abby wrote the words because it was faster, but Kyle was open to the slow. He was five, so the more time, the better. Little kids eat up time like chocolate chip cookies. They were made to teach us grown-ups the art of moving without rushing and hurry, which means hushing, pushing, and often senseless scurry.

Slow stills the soul. Those were the best days: the ones we spelled with anticipation, deliberation, and patience.


SLOW doesn’t get you stars, nor quick recognition, a walloping slap on the back as you stand there thinking of a thoughtful answer.

SLOW doesn’t seem to move you to the next milestone incredibly fast so you can be the first to step foot on whatever particular moon you’re conquering, nor does it make you inextricably rich overnight.

SLOW is the snail’s way, the child’s path, the pace paved by those who choose to linger long, stay all day, dream and plan and move deliberately and still have time to enjoy a taste of pie.

SLOW is the Southern Hemisphere clock saying, “We make our time our slave, not the other way around.” Go to South America, South Africa, the Southern U.S. Slow folk know siestas, big meals, and a tad bit of monotony (heaven forbid!) help us take ourselves a lot less seriously.

The pace at which we go determines where we find our worth.Tweet This

// So, for goodness’ sake, go slow.

Today the whole family sat in blue plastic chairs in a gymnasium and watched Kyle win his school mini-spelling bee. This kid moves at his own imagination-induced space-pace, which most of us call slow. (The only time he’s ever racing is to a friend’s house or down the basement stairs because I said yes to the XBox.)

It was a victory for the whole family because we made a deliberate, not so popular choice a few years back, to live with less chaos. We decided to try quality over quantity, to go deep instead of wide, and to forge our way at life a little more slowly.

Those slow days gave us space to start being our whole selves. Steadily, and quite messily, we are learning within mistakes and mishaps. Slow gives us a grace buffer so when life gets a little crazy, we know winning—or not—nothing changes how incredibly loved we are.

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February 24, 2017