Don’t Break the Silence {Day 5 :: SILENCE}


There’s nothing which used to make me lose it quicker than the Mad Hatter than someone stealing the silence. I’m not a complete and utter introvert (58% extrovert actually), but I’m a contemplative writer—a writer who needs a start of peace and order and nothing being needed of me each day.

When the kids break the morning silence with a story or a chatty monologue over Rice Krispies, often I grin and bear it.

Silence is where God speaks in whispers to me. And they are the opposite.

What I’m finding is even if silence is stolen, I can share it, just as they still share their stories me (blessed miracle). They do not know unless I tell them, so I do.

“Don’t break the silence,” I whisper to them sometimes with a finger pressed to my lips.

They know.

Some mornings a kid curls up next to me and shares it with me. We breathe slowly together.

This post is Day 5 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2016

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October 4, 2016