Twelve, I Believe in You. You Should Too.

Twelve, what an expansive heart you have,

What a vision for joy,

Head thrown back laughter,

Everything a squeal or the stare

Of your own making.

You are quirky, querulous,

Totally in love with life

Except when it disappoints.

Twelve, do not let your heart be troubled.

Do not be dismayed,

For this is the crossroads which you have stood at already,

Where the world tells you what you SHOULD be:

Thinner, curvier, smarter,

Neater, faster, stronger, 

Always put together.

Twelve, I believe you.

I believe in you,

For you can do what you were made to do through Christ

Who gives you strength.

Maybe it will be one thing,

Or a million.

One thing I know, dear heart,

Yours beats to a rhythm all your own.

No one stands like you,

Giggles like you,

Glares like you,

Embraces whole-souled, just like you.

No one else on the face of the earth 

Has your perfectly designed DNA,

Which sings of glitter, paint, and melodies.

Your zestiness clammers up trees,

Splotches their trunks with color,

White, pink, and purple.

You lose yourself in joy.

You celebrate life

You ARE life

Because you are amazing.

If the world shouts a “should” at you,

(and, girl, it will)

Holler back with arms wide open, 

“No, thanks! I’m busy being me.”Tweet This

Beautiful twelve, press on toward what you KNOW

Deep in your bones.

That you are the clay, the brush, and the song.

You are the sparkle in your Heavenly Father’s eye,

(and mine too).

Twelve, I believe in you. You should too.

Happy birthday to my sweet Abby!

Five Minute Friday Retreat + Agenda

This post is part of the weekly Five Minute Friday writing challenge. Our one-word prompt was SHOULD.

Join us for an inspirational and rather well-priced writing retreat this July in Kansas City! Click the pic and check out the agenda for the weekend!

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May 5, 2017