Settle into Silence

by Christina Hubbard

//Here, in silence, before you, God,

My posturing stills.

I sit with breath and bone,

Your presence light in my lap,

Around my shoulders,

Soft on my lips.


Here, in silence, before you, God,

My pretending surrenders.

I hear a clock tick, a fridge hum.

Your wind bends tree beings

Out my window.

Oh, God, may that be me, bent to You.


Here, in silence, before you, God,

My face wants to hide.

I hear my need cry softly in my chest.

Your Spirit comforts as I listen,

Listen within.//

Help me stay put.


Here, in silence, before you, God,

My world halts.

I breathe free of time and effort,

Without show or success,

As much as I am able.

Take every weight I never need to bear.


Here, in silence, before you, Jesus,

My voice rests.

I sit with you, Friend,

Your heart beats so near.

I lay my head on your chest

Settle me down. Settle me in.

This post is written in conjunction with the Five Minute Friday community. We write for five minutes on word. Today’s word was SILENCE.  (// indicates the start and stop of five minutes.)

Three Ways to Settle into Silence

  • Focus on a visual: the trees outside your window, a piece of art which evokes serenity, or a symbol of Christ.
  • Write down the distractions. Have pen and paper ready to write down the inevitable task lists and thoughts that will come to mind. Give them a place to rest.
  • Expect internal resistance. The discipline of silence is hard. One minute, two, or five. Start small. Every small bit benefits your soul.

Constant noise floods our world. Without silent time, our systems are in a constant state of heightened anxiety. We can’t focus. We’re irritable. We’re overwhelmed and exhausted.

Getting quiet with God is crucial to our wholeness. Tweet ThisGive it a try this weekend, and let me know how it goes.

What obstacles do you face when you try to be silent with God?

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November 10, 2017