Rest: The Danger of Cake & Slowing Down // Day 11

11925782_858997140851594_757739613_nThe piece of cake

I passed over,

Wasn’t just a way of saying, no thanks, you have the rest

Or I don’t eat that:

It was my fear of sitting still with the sweetness

And letting the icing dissolve on my tongue.

Slowing & savoring seems dangerous, even on Saturdays,

Especially on Sundays.

It’s like eating the whole heaping slice,

Then propping up my feet in the midst of the whole gathering

Of talking, laughing, enjoyable people.

I close my eyes and rest my head on the back of the big

Cozy chair as the conversation hub-bubs around me

And I doze for a good long while.

I think I will, after all.

What does a good rest look like for you? More from 31 days of poetry.

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October 11, 2015