Real Help When You’re Just Plain Tired

by Christina Hubbard

I went to church by myself today. Kid number two is down with the flu again and my husband graciously stayed home with him. It’s month three of 2018 and I’ve tallied it up: I’ve spent one whole month of it being sick or taking care of someone who is. I’m tired of sickness. I’m tired of being strong. I’m just tired.

We often get weary because life loves to throw us the character-building learning curve of interruptions, delays, and disappointments. We find ourselves needing a real rest, but who else is going to buy the groceries? We can’t stop adulting simply because we are tired.

Beyond just fine

Recently, a dear woman honestly shared her burdens with me. Through tears, she shared the stresses of parenting, caregiving, and facing a crisis in her marriage. She was tired and she was real. I looked at her and said, “That’s beautiful.” I meant it. She went beyond just fine. She shared what was actually going on. Although she was exhausted, she had joy. Not a pasted-on smile, but a genuine hope she could face whatever comes. Her willingness to be real in spite of everything encouraged me to keep going and go get those groceries later with gusto. After a hug and a thank you, I got the sense we both felt a little lighter. I gave her an ear, and she gave me resilience.

God gives

God gives tired people the supernatural strength to carry other tired people. Tweet This

I think I can keep adulting a little while longer.

This post is part of Five Minute Friday. Our one-word writing prompt was TIRED.

More on sharing burdens.

What helps you keep going when you’re tired?

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March 11, 2018