A Prayer for the Story-Logged

by Christina Hubbard

Tell my story, the one buried deep in my bones, the one I’m burying. Free me from expectation and discoloration of truth and distortment of beauty.

Story dredges up the painful places: questions, doubts, and insecurities. Help me to see the honesty in my own art. Give me creative eye-sight to share in the Spirit’s leading in story-logged pathways.

In currents of color, detail, and craft, tell Your story. Illuminate Your kingdom, in and around me. I confess my own hesitation and hopelessness, the shame standing guard over my mind. Cleanse me with Your oxygen.

Help me to let go of bits and pieces I can’t control. Fill my hands, feet, and mouth with a silver true tale. Story binds up the suffering. Free us from our fetters.

In Your Holy Name,


Love From a Fellow Creative

“You’re such an idea slinger!” my friend said.  Truer words about me may never have been spoken. I adore brainstorming and new ideas. (It’s the follow-through and all the details I find tedious.) Maybe you’re an idea slinger too … and your great frustration is knowing you can’t do them all. I get it. Over the years God has taught me a few simple truths: Some ideas are meant to happen and He will give me what I need to see them through. Some ideas are meant for sharing and He will show me when and to whom.  And some ideas are really steps along the way, guiding me to the next place or plan He has. Learn to hold ideas loosely and to Him fiercely.

—Teri Lynne Underwood, writer & speaker. terilynneunderwood.com

All Jesus did that day was tell stories—a long story-telling afternoon. His storytelling fulfilled the prophecy: I will open my mouth and tell stories; I will bring out in the open things hidden since the world’s first day. Matthew 13:34 (MSG)

What part of your story will you share in your art today?

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October 6, 2017