How to Agree with God When Plans Fail, a Poem

by Christina Hubbard

Step One

Make plans.

Write them down.

Enact an elaborate scheme to make it happen by XYZ date.

Do it.

Step Two

Interruption incurs.

Child gets sick.

Husband has an unexpected meeting.

Car won’t start.

Sit and sigh.

Step Three

Realize you can’t do #allthethings.

Post about it on social media.

Text a friend to commiserate.

Erase four out of five things from the planner.

Remember God’s plans aren’t our own.Tweet This

Step Four

Ask Him what He thinks.

Embrace this new headspace.

Feel your heart expanding.

Agree with God: He knows something you don’t.Tweet This

Step Five

Next time, start at the end.

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Your Turn

Leave a comment: what helps you hold your plans loosely?

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February 2, 2018