To My Planner (On Being Intentional, yet Flexible)

intentionalby Christina Hubbard

As an ENFP on the Meyers-Briggs personality test, I value whitespace on my calendar. LOTS of it. Please, don’t box me in or schedule every hour of the day. I will most certainly implode. I also value commitment and being intentional, but a force within me fights hardset plans.

As you can imagine, I’ve had an ongoing love-hate relationship with my planner. After using it diligently for two weeks straight, I suddenly toss it in my bottomless purse and forget about it for a month. Years ago a friend told me, “Intention without expectation.” I like that. Recently I’ve tweaked it a little, “Intention, with GOBS of flexibility.” 2018

Since 2018 began, I’ve been getting used to my new planner and coming to terms with its overhelpfulness. Today I thought I would write it a little note.

//Dear Planner,

I have tried my best to love you

Although I secretly desire to throw you across the room 

On occasion.

Your hard-bound gold embossed cover,

Straight-edged, pointing me to turn pages,

Make plans,

And climb goal-setting mountains.

You promise me a sense of accomplishment,

Glorious task-checking satisfaction.

But I love to ignore you,

To have free time,

Uninterrupted adventures

And no plan Fridays.

When I look at your hexagon habit tracking pages,

Gold spiral easy-turn binding,

Weekly goal focus bullet points,

I see your soul, your desire to infuse me with intention.

What’s a free spirit to do?

I bought you because you were beautiful.

Aqua cover, folder pockets,

And blank pages promising a great year.

Trying you on, day after day, I cringed.

I tried so hard to set a mission and

Formulate focused goals.

But I’ve already failed.

And I’m ok with it.

Because in the back of your binding

Are stickers and a pencil tucked away.

No longer do I make plans in black ink,

Like dark ropes binding me to the page. //

Being intentional means writing with an eraser

So my life can breathe.Tweet This

I decorate and customize with pastel stickies,

A gleeful sense

Of making something beautiful wells up within,

Flexible, ever-changing.

Good things are happening

And I’m beginning to like you.







This post is linked up at Five Minute Friday, a community of free writing bloggers. (// indicates the start and stop of five minutes.) Happy free day!

P.S. This is my 2018 liveWELL Planner® | Flex Aquamarine from Inkwell Press. Tons of wonderful resources for the free-spirited achiever.

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January 19, 2018