Kids & Sticky Things Like Patience // Day 13


Patience is growing inside me

Like the children God brought into my world.

He set the in my living room,

At my table—

Helped me and my husband name them,

Feed them,

Clothe them,

Teach them

Games, books, stories,

Culture, jokes,

How to walk the dog,

Get dressed,

Say hello,


Build a lego tower,

Create a city to be explored in imagination.

Patience grows like seeds

We showed them how to plant,

Now blossoming before winter frost.

Patience is not a momentary gift, but seeing a person as myself—God-created, fellow seeker.Tweet This

Taking words, we choose most days to turn ourselves

Inside out,

Selfishness turning to dust,

Wiped clean like strawberry sticky syrup

From the counter.

I sigh and thank God for every drip of His patience for me.

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October 13, 2015