We’re All a Bunch of Onlys {Day 31 :: ONLY}


You ONLY wrote for 31 days. Let that sink in. You did it! I can’t thank you enough for opening yourself to a new adventure and taking it. Your abilities, stamina, and commitment have been stretched to the edge. Some days you made it, some days you didn’t. But you kept going. That counts for more than something. It means you have written a new story. (Maybe several!) Celebrate and share what you learned and how you grew in the comments and don’t miss my gift to you at the end of this post. You are amazing. P.S. I’m opening a bottle of champagne for all of us.

We all come to God as Onlys. Simple souls. Scared people. Hurting, hopeful dreamers. Wanderers dying to find home. A thousand onlys, we carry on our backs. Ifs and what ifs, whys and how comes. Questions of loneliness, grief, and deep suffering.

Rebellious hearts hoping to escape. If we can climb one more mountain or swim open water to a deserted island, then maybe we will reach the promise just out of reach. Then we will finally know the thrill of being free of ourselves

I have learned I am only one person. A little spec in a global sphere, but cherished in this knowledge and experience, of trying to balance on a board I don’t quite know how to turn. The wheels are fast, and I am slow.

He sees me: the version that is only.

No one sees the world like you, or experiences it quite like you.

Tell the story you’re burning to tell, because only you can tell it.

God says the craziest thing, “I know you better than you know yourself. You can only be mine. There is nothing else.”

What’s After #Write31Days?

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This post is Day 31 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2016

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October 30, 2016