Give What You Have Been Given. Nothing Less. Nothing More. (Guest Post)

Meet someone who is teaching me to give. My friend Bonnie over at Hallelujah Place writes between the crazy spaces of motherhood. Her heart is soft and full and she writes from the deep places.


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It happened about four years ago.

I was sifting through tubs of unplayed-with toys, not a lot by today’s means, but just enough for us. In the back of the mind, I often thought of other children around the world who had nothing, barely enough to survive. My heart was torn.

We hear and read about children being hungry, sold away. We hear of ISIS and poverty stricken areas of sickness and famines and destruction caused by earthquakes. Our hearts may sigh and we may shake our heads, but to open our wallets and checkbooks requires faith of a far greater magnitude.


Love is not just something we speak; it’s something we physically show.

Back four years ago we were making it and could afford 35 dollars a month to sponsor a child in Africa. But in the past two years our finances have changed and a quick thought enters my mind that I could really use that 35 dollars. But as soon as it enters it leaves. I couldn’t break the bond that we share with our sponsored son.

–>There is something everyone can do to show the love of the Father. Love is not just something we speak, but it’s something we physically show.


Sarah bracelet

–>Our Faith is the strongest when we leave what we give up to God to deliver.


Hand-woven Kenyan basket

Recently, I was invited to attend a Fair Trade Party. Beautiful jewelry, handmade products intricately woven together. and each piece comes with a story of a woman who seeks to do what we all long to in the simplest form, provide food and shelter and an education for our children.


Maureen Necklace


There is always a way to show the Father’s love and sometimes it comes with a cost, but the reward is eternal.


“We are so thankful for this partnership. Our hearts align and our missions align. Fair Trade Friday purchases JOYN products -each one made some of the most marginalized and oppressed people in the world – individuals
with leprosy, disability, those who have grown up begging on the streets,former prostitutes, former addicts and your purchase employs at least 70 of our artisans with every order,” Melody, Joyn Founder, India



“This is Maureen. She is the brains behind much of Mercy House‘s jewelry line, specifically a beautiful earring design headed out to women as part of the Earring of the Month Club from Fair Trade Friday Club. Maureen graduated from the life-skills training program in September 2014 after completing a 12-month sewing and business curriculum with her daughter Regina on her back. Maureen is showing her children that work is good, and that no obstacle is big enough to keep her from pursuing her dreams for her family.”

-Kristen Welch, Founder of Mercy HouseuztXzlFvxDZ8Y1Sigj88yEJ8gl5sO-aZ5-mbh0BSKx0,GhTld-LMmJ4S7QqSJffpTK9EG9uX78OZcNiduAnXexI,xf9BVeJrPlrJ_DuIenlG5-WD-Mvdm2qoI1y2jpdbmO8

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July 16, 2015