The Good Bits: Why I Named My Newsletter ‘Smatterings’

From the desk of Christina Hubbard

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I renamed my newsletter this morning, sent it out, then opened Kate Motaung’s one-word Five Minute Friday post. The word was NEWS. It was more than a coincidence. News is why I named my newsletter Smatterings: because we all need good news, in big bites, and especially, in small ones.

Smatterings ˈsmadəriNG/ noun. a small amount of something. plural noun: smatterings, “a smattering of snow” (Tiny amounts of good things, with a fantastic poetic ring.)

I loved the way it sounded as my sneakers smacked the pavement Monday. Smatterings. Patterings. I was thinking about my kids, how their feet used to patter. How my boy’s legs are lengthening like the days singing toward spring. His sister’s legs are even longer, stretching high like the tree she climbs. She and the tree: living beings promising to bring spring-bloom beauty. They grow, and small morsel moments fly into memory. I want to hold them fast. Smatterings.

We need to grasp for the sweet slices of life.

The good news.

Morsels of inspiration and stories to touch us.

Pictures to take our souls somewhere.

Friends to reassure us. Me too.

And bits of funny randomness to make us smile.

We need reminders that joy is possible

When we’re searching for God in every nook and cranny. Tweet This

Along baseboards, our fingers stuck with dust. Always. 

We need beautiful news, not the world’s feed.

The earth is vibrating with the news

That life is springing forth in flower and green.

And I want to take these bits—every branch and bud

Fold them in paper, press them with books, and treasure them.

I write to give you smatterings of spiritual beauty bursting forth through the soil of your life.

Maybe by showing these things,

I can help you find the matterings, smallish sories that make up our big messy lives.

Let’s save the good bits on screen and paper.

Share them and celebrate the news that life can be lighter

And lived through the news that is Christ Himself. Oh, so good.

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March 4, 2016