My Hammock Moment in Israel {What’s Next? Week 2}

I sneak away from the kids playing games on their white sheets in the cabin and walk out into dusk’s pastel intoxication. Strolling down the dusty, rocky path, I pass gray cabins trimmed navy on my right and scrubby flowering plants on the left. A couple on their balcony smiles at me over their wine. Past the cabins to the south is the sea. The Sea of Galilee. In terms of seas, it’s small. This dusky evening it is blue and reaching, beckoning me to sit with it. I gaze down the rocky sand-colored hill. Nothing but straight sea blue, turning purple in the setting sun.

Over a seaside lunch in Caesarea, a friend of a friend said the hammocks were the bee’s knees at this resort. I see mine before me on a patch of grass. I hop in it with gusto, swinging my legs up and reclining as smoothly as a grown woman can who hasn’t been in a hammock in ages. I check to make sure no one is looking.

I put my hands behind my head, cross my ankles, and sigh.
“What’s next, God? After this trip, I mean. What are we doing? Do you have something big on the books for us?”
Dust and salt hangs in quiet air.
“Excuse me?”
A cow bellows down the hill.
“What’s that?”
“I thought that’s what vacation is for.”
No rush. No hurry. Enjoy.

So This is Trust, Unrushed

I lean back and watch the water miles away, seemingly still, unrushed, undoing me.

Landscapes do this. So do little birds on rocks chirping and twittering the joy of eating and being and living. What is it like to stop trying so hard? I wonder. To rest in God. To follow the way of Jesus, who walked these hills, skimmed these waters underfoot and told a sudden storm which cropped up, “Shh….” Is it enough to be with Jesus in this life?Tweet This

In Kansas? In suburbia? In the world? How and what’s next? And where are we going anyway?

I am no different from my kids pestering with questions as we travel. Instead, it’s me peppering God.

The words press into the air around me like an invisible blanket.





I stay a long while in the hammock as the Sea and the now-ness whisper:

Remember this.



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September 4, 2017