Move Me Down the Mountain {Day 15 :: MOVE}


What moves you makes you who you are. Today I’m honored to share what moves me at Mary Hill’s lovely blog. We talk about the writing journey and my favorite things (music, verse, and authors). I also share tips for bloggers and a video with encouragement for creatives who struggle to experience God’s grace too. You can read the interview here.

Now, on to the free write!

“Keep going,” I tell myself. “Keep writing this journey out to find how much God’s love alters everything. Move towards it.”

I’ve said I will never stop moving. I will keep walking, skateboarding, falling, and scrambling.

Years back, I got stuck on the top of a fourteener in Colorado. A storm was coming in, and my friends said, “Move.” But the treads on my shoes were made for soil, not ice. Traction didn’t exist.

I knew I would slide off the mountain. Julie and Diana grabbed my hands and guided me down, around each Z-curve, over each rock and tumble.

They held me up as we moved down toward the base. All my fears rested on them, and we kept going, because on a mountain like that you can die if you don’t move in time.

We’ll get to the bottom, God. I can feel your hand in the small of my back.

This post is Day 15 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2016

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October 14, 2016