She Will Miss Everything, but Not a Moment

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Image by Unsplash @

The strongest woman I know will miss everything this Mother’s Day. Her whole family is gone, her husband and two sons. In her retirement, she cares for her aging mother-in-law in a tiny house, and her strength comes from deep wells of love she doesn’t even realize she’s drawing from.

She tells me she has to hold herself back from jumping off a bridge nearly every day. Because her grief is always present, threatening to swallow her whole. But something holds the tragic cycle at bay in her presence. Because of all that she has lost, she lives in the present better than most of us.

My grandmother used to say, “Life is so daily.”

And that is what this dear strong lady does. She lives straight into the daily, and she picks up the weight of her fallen mother-in-law with her two shaking hands. She will do everything she can to keep her from missing another step.

She’s in her early 70’s and she’s been telling me about her bucket list. Flying in a plane, jumping from one, and so on. Last week some friends arranged for her to go skydiving in an indoor facility with a wind tunnel. She has been through hell and back, and the woman who has born more than I can ever imagine teaches me to live life by never missing a moment.

This post is a Five Minute Friday post. Our one-word writing prompt this week was MISS.

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May 5, 2016