Laugh: Take Back Joy // Day 15

11537624_10155718700305054_2242329713176807402_oLaugh long and hard,
Short and soft,
Seize it with a fistful of glee and whee
Because it runs like a child,
Faster than you or I can catch it.
The impish grin
Leading us to roll down a grassy hill
In our hearts
Or see the funny in real life, so serious.
Take it by the hand,
Poke it’s side as you smile.
Tickle it,
Wrestle it
Into a hug,
A belly laugh
Right on your lap.

Whew! 31 Days of Poetry is some kinda work. I’m loving it, but I think I need to go roll down a hill now!

Wanna come?

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October 15, 2015