How Easy Goes for the Creative Life

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Image: LiaLeslie at

Running after long-buried dreams and trying to be the wife and a mom I want to be: it’s not EASY, friends. That’s the word for today’s Five Minute Friday challenge. (We’re a flash mob of bloggers who free write for five minutes on a one-word prompt. Join us?)

Here’s the truth of it: nothing worth living is easy. The early rising to pray, followed by prepping of little minds and hearts for learning down the street (my old job for which I still mourn). Then the rush out the door to school.

I am glad to come home to my quiet home echoing with possibility—if only the day should be so quick to please. But it’s hours of pouring out guts on the page, wrestling words that don’t want to come readily, building dreams not yet realized, waking up the long dead soul within my chest—it’s not so simple.

And 3:40 school pickup comes and I am done for, in every good way. But afternoon arbitration between a pre-adolescent and a chatterbox still makes for hard going for this sensitive soul, who simply wants to connect and look into their eyes.

My husband comes home, and the day has drained him too. We stare at each other over wine and pulled pork (a strange paring, but it works). We are living into the listening, the loving, the trememulous life of doing what we love the best we can each day.

Still life photographer Sarah Huizenga says about chasing her passions, “It would have been so easy to give up a year into it, when I was still far from good. But if I quit I not only let myself down, I also let my family down who had supported me whole-heartedly into this passion pursuit. So I kept going, chasing the specific things I needed and wanted to learn. It wasn’t an easy journey, it isn’t a quick journey, but it is a worth-while journey….”

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The living and pouring out of trying to live, well, right, and good, some sort of holy mess of a life, feels like a battle some days—a good kind of not so easy.

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April 15, 2016