Hold Fast to the Memory of Your Making

by Christina Hubbard

When you sit down to tools

Gripping pen, grasping lens, holding needle,

What are you thinking?

Do you see God hunched over his table

In the workshop

Of your heart?

It’s not a stretch

To invoke his name on your brand

Imprint it on tag and wrist.

Remember your making.

Hold fast to your birthright.

Love from a Fellow Creative

I often wonder if my words are unique. In a world where words are everywhere, what makes mine valuable or even necessary?

In the end I’ve come to rest in the shadow of authenticity. Not one of us is truly alike. Even within the same family there are such divergent tales of existence. Imagine if every person were to truly realize there is a unique nature to their own experiences, creativity and insights and honour their own efforts and the offerings of those around them. Rivalry, scarcity and scapegoating could all be a thing of the past.

Charles Taylor puts it beautifully when he proposes: “There is a certain way of being human that is my way. I am called to live my life in this way, and not in imitation of anyone else’s… If I am not, I miss the point of my life, I miss what being human is for me.”

You are the only you that will ever exist on this planet.

What inspires you, makes your face light up with delight? How have you suffered and overcome the darkness? What are your stories, your fears, your desires? Share these gifts with the world around you and embody the you that was envisaged from the origin of time!

It will take immense bravery and courage, and there is no guidebook that will set out the path for you, but if we look to each other and celebrate our attempts to unfurl, honoring the diversity that each exposed soul presents, true beauty is bound to emerge.

—Emma Hughes, writer & moment capturer. The Very Cranky Mummy.

Hold tight to God, your God, just as you’ve done up to now. –Joshua 23:6 (MSG)

Share one unique thing about yourself in the comments.

I’ll go first: I write accessible poetry. Your turn:)

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October 7, 2017