Totally Eclipsed: Your Heart Matters More Than What You Produce

They say solar eclipses create a surge of energy and creativity in humans. I felt some kind of jolt in my veins yesterday. So I ran hard. Sweat poured from under my white ballcap. I was on a Monday mission to check all my boxes. The lists I jotted down before I laced up my runners: magnificent. Ideas poured from my fingertips, through my Paper Mate, onto page after page in my notebook.

As I listened to the words crooning from my earbuds, “I’m alive!” I picked up my pace and almost shouted, “Yeah!” to the houses I sped past.

So many ideas. So many great things to do! And the eclipse! A total one. The kids and I anticipated the day with hand-crafted solar eclipse shoeboxes and official viewing glasses. They packed beach towels to sit on at school for the afternoon eclipse party.

What was it I told the kids as they hopped out of the car? “I just know today’s gonna be great!”

The superwoman in me wanted to pick up her knees and charge it up the hill. Fly that cape! Boundless energy!

After a burst of speed. I slowed for a minute. These words popped into my head. My pulse thumped rapidly:

I care more about your heart and your health than what you produce. Hold on. That was not my voice.

I wanted to keep pushing, pressing on, making plans to do all the items on my list.

Yet my limits are real. My body and time tell me so. Today is Tuesday. Because of yesterday’s energy surge, I couldn’t bend over without groaning. My capacity? Finite. My inner whipper-snapper and recovering worshipper of self-worth in wonderful endeavors needs better: she needs a sustainable life.

Take a compassionate look at what you can do. Maybe that is simply listening to a child tell about her day. Perhaps it’s stretching out your aching back (hand raised). Throw off everything else. God cares little for your hustle. He’d rather hold your whole heart.Tweet This

Yesterday afternoon I stepped out on the deck with my Eclipse America glasses. I watched the moon’s shadow blot out the sun. A surreal gray light subdued the brilliance of my white shirt and the whole backyard. I observed and absorbed. I walked inside with my day, now shorter than my list.

We are totally eclipsed. Thank God.

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August 22, 2017