Good Friday: History Pivots on Its Crown

by Christina Hubbard. What’s so amazing about Good Friday? On the history book’s, this day appears as a bleak period of death. Christians celebrate the goodness of the day because, without it, the crux of our faith would not exist.

Good Friday’s Crown: the Day the World Is Saved

This is part I of an Easter poem for Mary Brack’s lovely art journaling series Lent Words.

Drape me in black cloth

Today as I forego food,

Push away drink.

Lash me, not Him!

Sharp rocks unflesh


I cry out

In hunger and thirst

Because I don’t feel a thing.

He feels it all.

His very nerves fray apart

Before my eyes.

He is my Rock,

Hunched over.

Thorns, a grisly honor-crown


My Refuge.

Read parts II and III HERE. Be sure to check out all of Mary’s lovely reflections on her site.

Suffering, Spring, and the Resurrection of God’s Timing.

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March 30, 2018