31 Days of Good Enough: for the Imperfect Creative

by Christina Hubbard

We come to the table with pen and brush. We walk to the park with camera and dreams. To the kitchen with fresh ingredients. To the guitar with a soulful tune. To the stitch with a killer design. All the while we’re wondering, is this good? Behind that question, bound up in broken questions of worth, lies another: is it good ENOUGH?

We’re tackling this topic with all its baggage and hopes for the #write31days challenge. I say we because I’m inviting 31 creative friends to join me. (I can’t create alone, and neither can you.) I picture each of them talking to me and you over cozy cups of coffee as we help each other in the keep-on-keepin’-on.

Our mission? To lead, encourage, and love one another in heart matters.

The state of our heart affects our art.Tweet This Let’s wake each other up, to take ourselves and our work less seriously. Take the pressure off. Work for the only One who gives us worth.

In creative communities, I hear a silent ache roar like wind rushing through a deep gut canyon, right between not enough and too much. It’s the place where good enough grows, if we let it.

Right in the middle of imperfection, good enough is:

Where we strive and rest,

Where perfection surrenders to grace,

Where giving up hooks its caribiner to hard work,

Where self-hatred stops fighting God’s love,

Where past hurts heal by hitching onto the living Word,

Where courage moves us forward and compassion envelops us whole.

Good enough is good. Maybe it’s an A++ or a curvy C. Heck, it could be a bold F. That’s the point. There’s no grading system in the kingdom of God. Likewise, I believe there’s no grade in good art.

Megan Willome quotes Lianne Mercer on writing good poetry. Apply it to any creative endeavor, and we start leaning into the relativity of good enough-ness.

“What does that mean? What do they think ‘good poetry’ means?…To me, good poetry is when my heart beats on the page. I think it’s good if it moves you, if it makes you cry, if it makes you laugh, if it makes you say, ‘Oh wow!'” –The Joy of Poetry

You can make art which moves the heart, but God is moved by you.Tweet This

Take His love or reject, but His love for you remains. God is outside of time. That means He’s pretty much loved you forever.

During October, I’m giving away a free PDF to new subscribers: Ten Habits of the Spirit-Filled Creative. Get it here.






Links go live on the corresponding day of October at 6 A.M. CST.

  1. The Work of Worship
  2. The Ancient Tell
  3. Create Beauty Like Farmers and God
  4. Hope Past Your Ideals
  5. Trust and Your Less Serious Side
  6. A Prayer for the Story-Logged
  7. Hold Fast to the Memory of Your Making
  8. A Blanket Truth for All Creatives
  9. Your Well-crafted Elaborate Plan
  10. I Beg You, Listen to Love
  11. Remember Your Why
  12. Go Be a Letter. Write Life.
  13. Invite Shame to a Safe Space
  14. Try Enough
  15. In the Tide, Remain
  16. Read the Earrings
  17. What’s Dark Will Grow
  18. Share Imperfect Things
  19. Brave is Belief
  20. We Discover Who We Are
  21. Give What You’ve Got
  22. His Light Was Enough
  23. Your Best Work
  24. Revise with God-sight
  25. Rest Because You are Called
  26. I Cannot Change My Story
  27. Overcome with Worth
  28. My Light Connects with Yours
  29. Following the Call
  30. When Rejection Refines
  31. Let the Rest Go
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September 28, 2017
  • Karen Sebastian

    As a redeemed perfectionist – love your choice of topics.

  • Cindy Clough Schramm

    Loved this series! I really liked the added “Love from a fellow creative” at the end of each of your posts. This has been so encouraging for me in a season of feeling less than and unqualified as a writer. Such hope to keep pushing forward and finding my way/my voice because it matters.
    Thank you beautiful soul!

    • Aww, Cindy, that makes all the staying up late, writing the posts, hitting publish so worth it: for all of us! Thank you! You are beautiful.

  • Amy L. Sullivan

    Yay! Thanks for letting me join in. You are so good at community. I linked to this page instead of the page with just me. I want to make sure readers see the list of previous days too!

  • I haven’t been following along closely. I don’t think I’m getting these emails anymore. 🙁 I will take a look at why. I’m following along now. Thank you so much for putting this together. My heart needs it.

  • Jen

    This looks so good! Visiting around reading different posts. And I love that you’re inviting others into it. 🙂

    • Hi, Jen, Thank you so much. It’s so much fun to have friends join in!

  • Andréa Lane

    Glad I found this today, ready and excited to follow along.

  • Tara L Ulrich

    Im so excited for your series friends!