The Glorious Wooing: How God’s Beauty Wins Human Hearts

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God is terribly selfish. He creates a vibrant, beating heart of a world, puts people on it, and says, “Love me.” God’s beauty is not only for our good, but for his. Revolutionary.

This is the last week of Beauty Rewrites. Say what? It’s been bold, tender, and absolutely beautiful. Ludavia Harvey, Emily Conrad, and I have opened our hearts to you. We’ve shared honestly about the flab of post-baby bodies, bravely baring our faces au natural to the world, and being a beauty queen is not all its cracked up to be. I’ve dug deep into my own story and learned from these bold women that God’s beauty is so far beyond anything I’ve ever imagined.

If you missed a post, catch up here.

Today Emily closes out the series with how God draws us straight to himself. Maybe its selfish, but I think its love. That’s always pretty crazy.

God’s Beauty is a Stunning Idea

God is in the business of winning us to his heart and turning our idea of beauty right on its head. Emily says,

If the stunningly beautiful and glorious God of the universe woos us to Himself not with the beauty of his appearance but instead with the beauty of who He is, his steadfast love, his mercy, his grace, isn’t it silly of us to try to attract the world with long eyelashes and skinny waists?

Follow me to Emily’s blog to read the rest.

Beauty Rewrites

Beauty Rewrites is a body image series for women to help us get on good terms with our bodies. Writers include Ludavia Harvey at, Emily Conrad, and Christina Hubbard at Creative and Free. We hope this series inspires us all to stop pursuing perfection and learn to embrace what’s true and sacredly beautiful about ourselves. Forget ideal. Embrace the real.Copy of Beauty Rewrites (1)

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July 26, 2016