Good Goals Take Time: 5 Dreams for 2017

My 2017 goals have taken some sifting, like refining the flour through a sieve in prep for the stirring, mixing, and baking of a load of bread. If I gather up a bunch of supplies in the kitchen to make something, I have to have a recipe, unlike my first baking endeavor.

It was a recipe for Welsh soda bread, pulled from some church missions magazine, if I remember correctly. My mom had maybe half of the right ingredients on-hand. But I was eager and set right in. Not surprisingly, the fluffy bread I envisioned turned out to be a slab of tan rock which tasted just like communion wafers.

I’ve had years a few years like that: flat, hard, with a hint of salt. It took me many many years to master the art of baking a good loaf of bread or a finely sifted cake. In the same vein, I’ve taken the whole month of January to sort out my goals and get into a rhythm before I dared to share them. I even had a dream day, where I set out all my ideas and journals in a little nest around me and sorted through them all. More on that later. The point is:

Good living takes time, friends.

I prefer to call these ingredients (or guidelines) because I’m one of those cooks who never follows the recipe EXACTLY, even in baking. This drives my perfect-cookie-making Type I husband bonkers. I just like to make room for the unexpected!

These are also dreams incorporating my whole life: finances, relationships, family, physical, inward, and spiritual. I use the plural we because these are for my whole little Hubbard tribe.

2017 Goals, Dreams, and Potential Messes

  1. Develop compassionate hearts with real life skills.
  2. Make our home a beautiful have full of joy, fun, and belonging.
  3. Establish regular relationship dates with people we love.
  4. Fill our lives with more rest so we can have more focus and influence.
  5. Partner with God in creative risks and spiritual depth.

This afternoon I have every intention of eating a slice of delicious caramel banana brownie (which I did not make, BTW) and reading through a brief scripture with the kids after school. It will not happen exactly how I envision, because nothing does these days with squirrelly kids. That’s good. There’s room for spills and grace and sweetness at my table.

I am certain it will be better than my first loaf of bread, which I think we used as a door stop for a day or two.

What is one of your dreams for 2017? Are you a fast dreamer or slow baker?

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January 25, 2017