How To Focus in The Daily Blur

Life is blurry. Focus is what keeps us on track with single-mindedness and clarity. We set out sites on a goal or purpose, and focus enables us to hone in on the final aim. Focus is the word for today’s post: a 5-minute writing challenge with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday crew.How To Focus in the Daily Blur

Focus Features films has a brilliant intro for their movies. The first time I saw it, I was struck by the duality and memorableness. They blur the letter “o” in the word “focus” as the rest of the letters remain clear on a blurred background of dots (or bokeh). By using something fuzzy, they actually help the viewer focus on their point: movies and story help bring things into focus.

My days can be extremely unfocused as I flit from writing to mothering and back to the coffee pot a dozen times. I get distracted by my kids, the messy house, or a stack of papers that need filing.


As I type this, my son is gobbling down blackberries at the kitchen table almost as quickly as he replays a detailed conversation between his friends out loud. He and this post are competing for my sites. I’m tempted to see him like one of those fuzzy dots in the background: beautiful, but not essential.

But the more I concentrate on his voice, the words I type become more clear, like the word “focus” in the intro. He is the “O”, slightly softened, edges obscured. I don’t get everything his six-year old brain is processing aloud, but that’s not the point. The longer I zero in on him, the more I see the person and the story I was missing.

Three Ways To Focus in the Blur

My life is often fuzzy (and noisy.) Here’s what I do to zoom in on the essentials.

  1. Set the intention. As I doodle in my notebook every morning, I write down 3 tasks for the day, then start on the most important thing first. This means leaving space for grace.
  2. Rock the routine. Having a repeatable plan for the day eliminates the draining task of decision-making. More energy for writing, mothering, and wife-ing.
  3. Pray and meditate. Quiet is a disciplined journey so worth the effort. Doing yoga and walking help me pray. So does this awesome prayer app: Abide.

Pay attention to the cloudy “O” in your focus.

What’s blurring your focus may be what you need to see more clearly. Tweet This

What’s distracting you today? How is it directing you toward what’s truly important?

Feeling completely unbalanced? Here’s a great post when you need laser focus.

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February 5, 2016