Sharing the God Who Sees Me FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY {Day 28 :: EAT}


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Our word today is EAT.

Set the clock. 




What would happen if I share what I eat with the whole wide world? I’m not talking food I put in my body. I’m describing the poetry of the unhidden life.

The God who sees me, shared.

My table, in all it’s messy state of paper, sticky syrup and crumbs, spread with wine for friends, bread for the hungry.

Today that is my children. Tomorrow it might be the woman down the street.

Eating is a selfish act, of sustaining ourselves. Some can’t bear to be seen partaking of food because it is a vulnerable act of manners and mouth chewing (hopefully closed). But what if it’s not?

So what if our imperfection startles? Can we take it? Isn’t the very act of eating in company a communal sacrifice of giving what’s mine to kids, family, and community?

May we not hide behind closed-life doors. May we eat in wide open spaces together.

This post is Day 28 of Skateboards + Kisses: A Rebellious Poet’s 31 Dates with God, part of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2016 writing challenge. 


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October 27, 2016