{Dreamcatcher} Five Ways to Feed Your Dream Dragon (by Lilah Higgins)

Copyright Oleksandr Pekur | Dreamstime.com

Copyright Oleksandr Pekur | Dreamstime.com

Chasing dreams with you has been such a beautiful experience. To finish out the Dreamcatcher series, welcome back Lilah Higgins from The Higgins Creative. Lilah is a Making Mama in Cody, Wyoming. When she’s not chasing around her toddlers like a crazy woman, she is working alongside amazing Makers by providing them with logos, branding, and design. She’s a pro at taking dragon-sized dreams and following them one day at a time. Let’s get started feeding our dreams!

The dreams of a little girl are often the largest thing, with the least amount of detail. The little girl in me has always wanted to get married, travel, and make women feel worth it. Those were some big dreams, and there was a season of my life where I realized that not all of those would come true in my timing.

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Creative Challenge

Grab a pen and paper. Draw a stick figure. This is you in ten years. Instead of a list of goals, write down specific qualities, characteristics, and roles you want your life to embody. Examples: generous mother, collaborative artist, or fearless traveler. Share on social media with the hashtags #DreamcatcherSeries and #waketomake.


God, help us remember our to do’s and accomplishments add nothing to our worth. Who we are and whose we are—these are the things that truly last. As we live out dreams You are growing within us, feed our dream dragons with the fruit of the Spirit and the present moment.

Dreamcatcher Series

Dreamcatcher is a series about being created to create. Making spiritual things. Will you follow us on this journey? Into the creating, the making, the exploring, and discovering, the finding, the knowing, the reaching. The only thing you have to be is you. Check out all the posts here.

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April 12, 2016