Don’t Excuse Yourself from the Table of Vulnerability

by Christina Hubbard

Do you find it hard to be vulnerable with God and others? As a creative, I know this is one of the most powerful ways to connect. Yet, how often do we excuse ourselves from authentic conversations because they make us a little uncomfortable?

I’ve been seeing an amazing therapist for almost a year now. It’s amazing to reflect on my vulnerability journey. I have often longed for it, but the process would send me into an emotional spiral. With practice, it gets easier. Vulnerability creates depth and connection. I’m not advocating spilling your guts during every conversation. Instead, approach others with your whole self: in honesty, which can definitely be through laughter and curiosity.


Three ways to create an authentic connection 

1. Ask open-ended questions.
2. Share a story of how you struggled and what you discovered.
3. Look at others through the lens of love. Thank them for who they are.

What I’m learning is being vulnerable is putting myself out there, no matter what others think.  I do care what others think, but I care more what God thinks. In that safe space, I am free to bring my whole paradoxical, utterly beautiful messy self to the table. Hopefully, others will feel like they belong here too.//

Don’t excuse yourself from the table of relationship: try a moment of vulnerability and see what happens.Tweet This

This post was written in conjunction with Five Minute Friday. We write each Friday for five minutes on one word. Today the word was EXCUSE. (// indicates the start and stop of five minutes).

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November 17, 2017