How to Declare Independence from Sexy Beauty (by Emily Conrad)

it seems modesty is a dying art, but when we believe in our own true beauty and value, we don’t have to flaunt everything we’ve got.Go to the mall or the grocery store, or simply check the mailbox. You’ll see what none of us escape, on ads, signs, magazines, and catalogs: sexy beauty sells. It entices, captures our attention, and informs how we spend our money. Is it possible to declare our independence from this pressure?

Even as a wife and mom, sometimes I feel like dressing in a revealing way will help me accomplish something I couldn’t get by being myself. Other times, spending money on anti-cellulite cream seems like it will make me like myself more.

Emily Conrad gives a compelling argument as to why we should free ourselves from this cultural norm: for our girls, our boys, our men, and ourselves.

“If we don’t live like there’s more to a woman than how she looks, why should they? The world needs more men who treat women (and their bodies) with real love and respect.”

Yes, we can change a sexually-saturated society.

Emily suggests fabulous ways to make a lasting, marked difference for ourselves and those around us. It starts with a conversation with our kids and families: complimenting real beauty. How we dress, where we shop, and the way we carry ourselves are all equally important. Then there’s the spiritual side of sexy beauty: how does God want me to judge others less and hold myself more responsible? If that’s not convicting, I don’t know what is.

I love what she says, “Modesty is a dying art…We don’t have to flaunt everything we’ve got.”

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Beauty Rewrites

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July 5, 2016