{Dreamcatcher} Cultivating a Creative Life: Savor, Doodle, Share, Repeat

© Oksana Ryzhinskaya | Dreamstime.com

© Oksana Ryzhinskaya | Dreamstime.com

Thanks for tracking with us in the Tuesday Dreamcatcher series. So far, we’ve discussed believing the creative God and getting unstuck. Today we’re exploring how to grow a creative, interesting life.

When You Don’t Feel Very Interesting

My kids lead incredibly creative lives. They collect shells, fossils, and soap, like an old-fashioned curio collections. When people call them “interesting,” I’m flattered. But the truth is: I’ve poured ten years into my kids’ creativity while neglecting mine. Are you an exhausted parent, an aimless retiree, someone recovering after a broken heart, or just an overly busy person, who needs to reclaim your old fascinating self? Perhaps you are a student who doesn’t even know who you are yet. We’re all searchers. It’s time go back to our roots and give ourselves permission to start cultivating the creative lives about which we dream.

What makes you an interesting person? What’s in your unique collection of ideas, experiences and work? Maybe you’re like me, and you can’t answer that some days. That’s ok. Finding ourselves is not the point, creating a life worth living is. Tweet This

Tap into Your Inner Child

The creative life is a process of slowing down and paying attention. You’ve got to savor with your senses. This means shutting off pesky sensory stealers: screens. Then chop some stoplight peppers. Lick Nutella off the spoon. Get outside and sketch a cardinal in a pine tree. Hug that tree. Feel its scruffy bark. Crunch leaves between your fingers. Feel wind. Taste rain. Sniff a baby’s head. Then kiss your honey long and hard. Feel your awareness and creativity come alive as you learn to focus.

Next, carve out creative playdates. Whether it’s imagining the playground as a pirate ship with your son or having a photo safari with your old dusty Nikon, you need scheduled downtime to explore and dream. Get the inspiration juices flowing by doing what fascinates you. Remember: we’re gathering inspiration.

Doodle like your life depends on it. The benefits to letting your mind wander on the page are countless: doodling boosts creativity, productivity, presence, and idea building. Get a blank notebook and a colorful pen and fill it with stuff that inspires you. When that dream, goal, or great thought pops in your head, doodle it. No holds bar. Who are you? Who will you be? Where do you want to go? Put it in your collection.

Besides slowing down, playing, and doodling, don’t forget to share something you love. Do it every day. Tell your kids about the rich cup of Ethiopian coffee and gooey baklava you had down the street. Take a picture of one of your doodles and share it on social media. Text a friend and tell her about the sunset you saw.

Chances are, you are more interesting than you know. The things you love are already there. Enjoy them, explore them, doodle them, share them. Your life is like a beautiful collection of shells and rocks, each one unique and infused with a story and meaning. The life you yearn to make is already a part of you. It may only need you to approach it with the honest curiosity and acceptance of a child.


Your assignment: get a pen and paper. Write the word DREAM in big letters. Doodle for 10 minutes, distraction free. Take a photo of your doodle and share with us on social media under #DreamcatcherSeries.


God, help us to make time to dream with You. To let you ignite our imaginations with interesting, life-giving ideas. Give us the freedom to think of crazy amazing things. Grant us space and time to do them for your glory.

Dreamcatcher Series

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March 15, 2016