{Dreamcatcher} Why You Shouldn’t Create Alone (by Lilah Higgins)

Copyright Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime.com

Copyright Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime.com

The Dreamcatcher Series continues this week with writer and maker Lilah Higgins. She’s sharing why we need to stop creating alone, and instead, collaborate. Lilah is a creative soul living in the shadow of Yellowstone National Park with her tech genius and youth group sweetheart and their two tots. She makes art and works to grow and encourage a community of Makers via her small business The Higgins Creative and the hashtag #waketomake. She believes that everyone has the opportunity to make good with their hands and the world needs what those hands make.

We love the creative community. There is so much to learn from a group of people living what we believe is a full life. When we label ourselves creatives, it’s not just because we are artists and makers and designers, but because we are learning to embrace that we are multifaceted people with a lot to offer the world…Gone are the days of hiding and competition and comparison. This generation of Makers is compelling in the way that it loves and accepts and encourages without fear.

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Humble us, God, as we learn to collaborate. May we reach out, holding onto each other for encouragement and community, breaking down pride and insecurity, and making beautiful things as a force for good.

Dreamcatcher Series

Dreamcatcher is a series about being created to create. Making spiritual things. Will you follow us on this journey? Into the creating, the making, the exploring, and discovering, the finding, the knowing, the reaching. The only thing you have to be is you. Check out all the posts here.

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March 29, 2016