God Grows Beauty from Our Blowouts {Day 23 :: BLOWOUT}


Flying over Mt. St. Helens felt like flying over the end of the world. My husband piloted us over the Columbia Gorge and straight on toward the once majestic peak. Today it’s a snow-laden blowout.

The mountain cap exploded decades ago, obliterating the forests, rivers, and communities surrounding it. Today pristine lakes and replanted trees promise the return of life.

We had driven our van to view the peak from the ground a few days earlier. Now we flew over it in a plane for a vastly different perspective.

We got so close we could see new magma bubbling, rebuilding the peak. It was breathtaking to be airborne angels over what once was a black sky billowing smoke and ash across the Northern Hemisphere.

I still feel my need to rebuild myself into the mountain of my life, magma mounding up beneath my soul and skin.

God grows beauty from our blowouts. There is nothing to fear. I am suspended, like this memory, gazing over the woman who used to lose herself in self-built dreams.

Take me to the next mountain, God.

This post is Day 23 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2016

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October 22, 2016