The Blessing of Uncertainty


Photos from four years past popped up in my Google feed before I sat down to write this. Pictured: our family on Day 2 of our first ever epic road trip. We woke up to an expansive view of mountains and a horse ranch, our campsite situated in the midst of Estes Park, Colorado. The day before we had stood precariousy under our car trunk in the pouring rains as the kids yelled at us in the tent, “We want out!” and no dinner prepared at 8 p.m. Yet that morning we awoke to the view you now see and a fox trotting right by our campsite, a limp mouse, breakfast, hanging from its jaws. It was just a few feet away from us.

To me the photos are proof of blessing: proof God provides beauty, expereince, and life when I don’t know what’s next.

God knew way before modern neuroscientists mentioned the science of possibility: we are wired for hope. And when we lean into that realm of not yet and what could be, our minds and bodies are triggered to live well into the extraordinary.

One way to do this is by remembering magic moments when uncertainty faced us: a rainstorm, a bad camping trip, or even, not knowing where dinner would come from. Then recall the blessing which came from it.//

In New Testament Greek, blessing is makariosthe belief God will expand faith He has already given you as a mark of His favor. I look back on that initial trip and see how God guided us on the most incredible road trip we’ve ever had (and we’ve had a lot!): waterfalls, caverns, swimming holes, seashores, and hidden coves.

I look at these pictures alongside the blank days of summer, fall, and the whole year to come. I get scared sometimes when I forget God and His presence. I recognize it a bit late like the two friends of Jesus did on the road to Emmaus.

He’s with me and you now as we think back to the blessing of how He paved a way through the mountains. The fox knew what she’d been given would come again—she pounced on the blessing and took it home to whomever dwelt in her little den, and so did I.

This post is written with the Five Minue Friday community. Today our one-word writing prompt was BLESSING.

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June 30, 2017