Beneath the Birch: Whispers of Rest

As you read this poem, I will be in the Land of Sabbath, the Holy Land. I will be site-seeing, but I will be resting too. Before I left home, I started reading Whispers of Rest, a 40-day devotional by Bonnie Gray. Her words ushered me into the place my heart needed to be. Life was crazy at the time and prepping for a month away from home is no joke!

On a morning in the midst of the chaos, I chucked my schedule, found a quiet place with God, and wrote three prayer poems. I’ll be sharing them with you over the next three weeks. I hope they prepare your heart for long summer days and a lifetime of learning to really rest in God’s presence.


I lie on the white couch in the morning heat.

Blue sky kisses my toes.

I roll out my life before God, bowing my head beneath birch tree shade.


He knows when I sit and when I rise, my coming and going.

Words on my tongue?

They’re His.


My hidings, my running, my mess,

My making and worries.

He says, “I know you.


Take My hand beneath the birch.”


May we walk light, grass tickling our feet.

We will nap and dream and be,

Knowing we are known.

Whispers of Rest Book

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May 19, 2017