Beauty Is a Fixed Point in a Noisy World

by Christina Hubbard

It hits me. Beauty is a fixed point in an ever-gesticulating world.

Everyone is trying to tell me something

I don’t know.

It’s not necessary, I assure them.


I saw the still frost lie in wait

On rooftop tiles until

The sun rose and warmed them.

Less than an hour it was,

As construction workers jack-hammered

Down the street

Tearing down something to build more.

All the while, I frivolously watched frost fade.


We think we have to answer all the asks.

As noise rattles our bones.

We’d do better to be still and know

We don’t.

Thanks be to God.


Beauty is a fixed point in an ever-gesticulating world.Tweet This

This post is written in conjunction with Five Minute Friday‘s one-word prompt: BEAUTY.

What helps you find stillness and beauty?

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February 26, 2018