A Break in the Balance: God’s Sense of Order

I’m taking a week off blogging to take time for my favorite things: October sun, crisping leaves, long walks, time with friends, finishing longer writing projects, and leisure hours with God. (Oh, and banishing the dog hair from the corners of my house.)

My balance is skewed, and I’m dizzy from social media and keeping up with kids’ homework. Yesterday I realized I haven’t baked so much as a muffin in months. I haven’t gabbed with a friend on the phone in eons. Drawers and baskets overflow with neglected tasks and papers.

I desperately need God’s sense of order
And perspective.

“…It is hard for me to realize
That some growth is slow,
That all processes are not swift…
Or to understand the meaning of perspective
That I may do all things with a profound sense of leisure
—of time.”

“…The little things
Keep getting in my way providing ready-made
Excuses for failure to do and be
What I know I ought to do and be…
I must unscramble my affairs
So that my life will become order. O God, I need they sense of order….”

(As cited in A Guide To Prayer from Deep Is the Hunger by Howard Thurman).

One of my ways to refuel is by walking my Irish Setter at dusk in our neighborhood park. I love watching the colors cool into rest—which I so need this week—as the bats circle overhead. This afternoon I jotted down a few verses on work, balance, perspective, season, and leisure.

Resting, Upside Down

Help me, like bats circling the park in purple light
As they swoop close to our heads to catch their fill of summer’s final harvest,
To do what is necessary for sustaining.
They work in our slumbering hours to stay alive before winter’s bite
strikes them dormant.
Perhaps I, too, will rest, upside down,
While the world scurries
At night Time.
May I find light in the ripe, right
Dimly lit hour
To rest like the intelligent creatures
Who do life differently
Than our waking, rushing world.
I will wake up in the morning alight,
Truer, smaller, ready to fly
on and feel the belonging in the
pink, blue, and gold of the coming eventide.

What brings you back into balance?

-...do life differentlyThan our waking, rushing world.-

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September 27, 2015