When You’ve Almost Reached Your Dream, But Didn’t // Day 31


We almost become a writer, a doctor, a great many things,



Ice skater,



We tried to reach our dreams

And didn’t.

We let the dreams die.

Now the days pass:

Family, work, hustle–

They seem to outlast

And push away dreams.

What if they are meant to fuel them,

Not be hindrances?

What if life is not a race & a success, getting to some penultimate

Career goal?

We won’t have to sit in our Lazyboys at the ripe old age of 80

And say, “I almost….”

Because we are made for absolutes:

“I loved.”

Almosts don’t define us. Tweet This

We all have a bag of broken dreams

We may never sort through.

The best work is

I loved.

I tried.

I gave it my all.

For Jesus.

He is not an almost.

He was, and is,

And this is all we need to really make it.

What if your almost is the door to what’s next?

This is Day 31 of 31 Days of Poetry. That’s it! Hurrah! What a month of writing it has been. I feel more disciplined and free to let my words be—which were both huge goals of mine. If you’re a writer, would you consider joining us next month for Five Minute Fridays? They’re a weekly way to write on one word for 5 minutes. It really keeps the creative juices flowing! Thank you for reading along.31 days of poetry

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October 31, 2015