You Are Christ’s Body, Accept It

by Christina Hubbard.

Accept it.

You are the hand,

An eye,

Maybe a foot.

You do not belong to yourself


You are an honored appendage.

What you do in this kingdom

Has value.Tweet This


the rest of us suffer

When you cease your mercy-giving,

Teaching, miracle-working ways.

Help the helpers.

Be living prayer with the song prayers.

Be the extremity of truth for apostles and prophets.

You are not your own.

Accept your attachment, leader.

Build up the aching body, encourager.

Explain mystery into order, interpreter.

Here, attached to tendons and muscles,


Holy meaning,

Blessed purpose

Fills our veins with beating blood

And oxygen.

This post is part of Five Minute Friday. Our one-word prompt today was ACCEPT. Be sure to check out the write 31 days challenge!

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September 22, 2017