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In our house, we don’t hide our messes. We discipline our kids in front of company. We holler up the stairs. We interrupt each other, slam doors, and blame the dog for everything.  Do I love like I mean it? Most days I’m impatient, angry, and selfish in both word and deed. I write this after a week of being tested in every way to love others like I want.

I am a deep, quiet thinker and stuffer of feelings; my husband is a logical, talk-it-out problem solver; and our kids are a rowdy weather-like powerhouse called thunder and lightning. The only way we tolerate each other some days is Jesus and my daughter’s desserts.

The Backstory

At age 16, I vowed to my friends my tombstone would read, “She loved well.” Never mind my awe-inspiring skills as a young prophet and drama queen, I was confident I would live to the ripe old age of 101. My mantra hasn’t changed at age 36not living to a century plus one, but rather, loving beyond my earthly capacity.

Loving differently is no safe way to live. It drives me crazy and it drives me to my knees. Love is more effort and intention than hugs and wishing others well. It’s the choice to change the way things are by by forging a path into the way they could be. Loving like this rubs up against our achievement-driven culture. It’s fraught with self-examination and sacrifice. It means giving up time and energy at great expense for a group of people, a tribe.Five ways to love like you mean it

What’s Inside

In Five Ways To Love Like You Mean It, I share 5 practical ways I’ve learned to love my tribe better. God has taken me and my family on a wild journey this year of living with less expectation and more purpose. As our way of life turned upside down, I wondered if I really knew what it meant to love anyone well, even myself. I struggled to give away my time to the people who mean the most to me. This little book came from a few questions I was asking:

  • How do I make time with friends and family really count?
  • How do I become less selfish and more purposeful?
  • What can I do when I don’t FEEL love?

This book is a game plan for pushing into the tension of daily life with not just words, but especially, actions. How we love in this life does matter. We can rush through life and be happy with shallow relationships, or we can we choose to slow down and really see the people we love, and embrace the beauty right in the messy and hard.

I hope this book will help you to be courage and love to your tribe, and you will be empowered to mean it well with your entire life.

Check out my author interview at Sweet To the Soul Ministries.

Endorsements & Reviews

Your book is a gift. Thank you! I live life sometimes more in fear than in love. Your book helps me put things in perspective and inspires me. Love sets us free from all those ridiculous things that put us in bondage.

-Lisa Brown, writer at Me Too Moments for Moms

Christina’s gifted and poetic writing opens windows of thoughtfulness I never knew were closed. She weaves her stories in a way that compels me to say, “Me, too!” all the while, giving creative and motivating solutions to everyday struggles of loving well.

-Michelle Nezat, podcaster of More Than a Song

Do check this out. Christina is a great writer with some insights to share.

-Sheridan Voysey, author of Resilient

Lilah Higgins from reviewed the book here.

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Love is the choice to change the way things are by forging a path into the way they could be. #5WaysToLove

When it comes to loving well, intention is everything. If I seek to control, judge or make myself feel better, then I am manipulating, and not loving. #5WaysToLove

There’s no room for self-preservation or self-protecting in love. It’s believing the best even when we can’t stand the sight of each other. #5WaysToLove

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February 2, 2015
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