What 39 Years Have Taught Me

39by Christina Hubbard

Thirty-nine nudges forty just barely. Enough to know forty won’t be awful. Enough to know getting a little older can fill you with grace and chutzpah, and you really do start to care less what people think. That feels like a whole new level of freedom!

As you may have guessed, today is my birthday. It’s funny—39 feels a bit nostalgic and thrilling. I used to think what I had to say wasn’t wise or worthy, but time has a way of revealing what’s true.

God values each of us. He invites us into a beautiful lifelong adventure with Him, not dictated by social media, culture, or politics. Thanks for giving me the floor for a few minutes. I hope it inspires you. Also, check out my announcement at the end.

Love, rest, and speaking up: what 39 years have taught me

  1. Every voice matters, so use yours with no apologies.
  2. My mom was and is superwoman.
  3. God loves to use our weaknesses.
  4. That thing you love to do? Start doing it.
  5. It’s O.K. to quit when it frees you to pursue better things.
  6. Slow down. Whatever you’re hustling hard for will pass away. Then what?
  7. Forgive. Now. It helps, I promise.
  8. Teaching kids and dogs good manners make the world a better place.
  9. I may never get all the artwork I own up on my walls, but at least I went beyond them.
  10. Put down the phone. Look people in the eye.
  11. Take walks. They’re nature’s cleanse.
  12. Ask for help when you’re struggling. That’s real courage.
  13. Reach out. People are lonely, and friends will be found where you least suspect.
  14. Trust your guts to speak the truth. Edit less.
  15. Do less. Be more.
  16. Spend time learning to pray.
  17. You are not a clothing size. You are a work of art, designed by God.
  18. Let others have the last word.
  19. Take a regular Sabbath to remember God is in control, and you are not.
  20. Pain refines. Don’t fear it.
  21. Give what you love away often.
  22. Poetry is never a waste of time.
  23. Compassion is not only having empathy and meeting material needs. It’s listening and sitting in the hard spaces with people.
  24. If you can’t answer WHY you are doing something, then don’t.
  25. Don’t apologize for your messes.
  26. Be yourself although it may qualify as totally uncool (for my tweenager).
  27. God often calls us to places we question ourselves. That’s called humility.
  28. Share the story of what God is doing in your life aloud.
  29. Two things to be a better human: read books + shut up when others are talking.
  30. Chew slowly. Enjoy food.
  31. You don’t have to say yes to everyone who asks.
  32. Tell your favorite people exactly what you love about them.
  33. Write thank yous. Pick up the phone.
  34. Your pace is not the next person’s. Chances are they are busting their chops behind that shiny smile.
  35. Creativity requires whitespace. Lots of it.
  36. Love is always worth it.
  37. If you want to heal, give.
  38. Make friends with your body, skin, emotions, and mind.
  39. You can change.

The upside-down kingdom of God puts things in the right order: God-sized love first, others next. Like you, I’m still in process on most of these. I can’t wait to see where today will take us.

My new site

Speaking of new things, today I’m launching my new writing + speaking site! The blog will stay put as the place where what I write lives, for now. This new site features my services as a speaker and retreat leader for creatives and leaders. Do come on over and check it out.

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March 21, 2018