31 Days of Poetry

During October, I’m writing poetry for 5 minutes each day. This is both a personal challenge for myself and an opportunity to join a writing community at Five Minute FridayNo editing. We. Just. Go.31 days of poetry

I love writing uninhibited, letting the words flow freely.

As a personal challenge to myself, I’m writing 5 minute poems. Here’s the lineup. 

Day 1: calling
Day 2: Five Minute Friday: family
Day 3: capture
Day 4: embrace
Day 5: home
Day 6: possible
Day 7: love
Day 8: purple
Day 9: Five Minute Friday: trust
Day 10: ready
Day 11: rest
Day 12: storm
Day 13: patience
Day 14: fly
Day 15: laugh
Day 16: Five Minute Friday: green
Day 17: offer
Day 18: worth
Day 19: honor
Day 20: temporary
Day 21: wave
Day 22: value
Day 23: Five Minute Friday: joy
Day 24: silence
Day 25: crash
Day 26: whisper
Day 27: perhaps
Day 28: hope
Day 29: sea
Day 30: Five Minute Friday: bacon
Day 31: almost

Ever grateful you are reading!


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