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I got on my son’s skateboard for five minutes the other day. Please know, I do not skateboard. But here’s the thing: I want to learn. I’m 37, and yes, I want to risk my 5’10” unbalanced frame on a 28-inch board on wheels. Grown women have laughed in my face when I’ve told them. (I laughed right back, by the way!)

Of course, I am afraid. I know I will fall. It’s a fact: I will suck at it miserably for a very long time. My goal remains the same: I want to glide down the street without falling off.

Writing for 31 days is like getting on a skateboard for many of us.

We are determined to write through this thing even though it might feel like we have no idea what we’re doing. We want to learn this cool art called writing, but most of us are simply hoping we’re not going to break anything once we get rolling.

All of us feel the shakiness of committing to a month of words.

That’s exactly why I’ve compiled a list of pointers specifically for the Five Minute Friday tribe. These will help us to start well, finish strong, and keep writing long after its over.

Start Well, Finish Better

  1. Write what you love. Don’t like the Five Minute prompts? Cool. Write about what fires you up, not what you think you should write about. Nothing done out of guilt will endure.
  2. Steal my graphics. Each day on my post, I’ll have a new grabbable graphic for the word prompts. They’re all yours!
  3. Ditch the graphics and pics. Just write. This is about words, not pretty blogs.
  4. Batch-write. If you only have one hour on Sunday night to write, set the timer, write, and schedule those posts like Super Woman.
  5. Write before frozen waffles and mascara. Get ‘er done and move along with your day.
  6. Stop caring so much. Forget perfection, friend. Think: experience.
  7. Templatize titles, tags and meta-description. These are blog time-suckers. Before writing, create a doc with a text template for each. Easy breezy field-filling copy + paste!
  8. Free write before you free write. Put an actual pen to blank page and doodle to spur the creative muses on.
  9. Ask a writing buddy to keep you honest. Check in daily with a word friend for accountability.
  10. Get behind? Just. Keep. Going. GRACE RULE: Nobody is counting.

How to Keep Going after 31 Days

  1. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished!
  2. Turn your posts into an ebook to give away on your blog. Need help? Check out what Fistbump Media has to offer.
  3. Keep the momentum going! Join a creative community like the Writing Collective and my personal favorite: Five Minute Friday.
  4. Buddy-up with a new 31 Day friend. Check in weekly to encourage each other in every wordy way.
  5. Whatever you do, don’t write alone.

Here’s to 31 days of getting on the skateboard of writing! We can do this together.

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P.S. Crystal Stine has put together a fabulous list of additional resources for #Write31Days here and a Facebook group.

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